The Importance Of Staging A Home For Sale

    Staging a home for sale involves enhancing a property by focusing on components of the home that appeal to the buyer. The process involves decluttering, rearranging furniture, and making minor repairs or updates.

    While it may seem like an extra step in the home selling process, staging is crucial to making a good impression on buyers and ultimately selling a home at the best price.

    How Staging Can Help Sell Your Home Faster

    Research showed that 70% of real estate agents believe they receive approximately 10% higher than the asking price when they stage a home.

    Real estate is also a competitive market. Therefore home staging will undoubtedly give estate agents and sellers an edge over their competitors.

    So, whether you’re a first-time seller or a seasoned pro, here are a few hints to help you learn more about the power of staging in the real estate market.

    1. Declutter The Home

    Home staging helps to showcase the property’s full potential. An empty or cluttered home can be challenging for buyers to envision themselves living in it or to see the space’s potential.

    On the other hand, a professionally staged home makes a property feel warm and inviting and assists buyers with visualizing themselves living there. Declutter the home by clearing space on coffee tables, shelves, and the kitchen.

    A well-lit, airy home is more inviting than one cluttered with over-stuffed dark furniture and bookshelves. It allows potential buyers to envision their furniture, art pieces, etc., in the home.

    2. Highlight the Best Features Of The Property

    Staging helps to highlight the best features of a property. It can showcase large windows, a fireplace, or other architectural details, like space to expand or add to a room.

    By highlighting the home’s best features, the stager helps buyers see the property’s value and make a more informed purchasing decision.

    3. Enhancing Curb Appeal Of The Home

    The first impressions of a home, both from the outside and indoors, will ultimately determine the sale thereof. It is, therefore, essential to neaten the home entrance, trim the hedges and lawn, or add a flowering shrub or two for extra appeal.

    4. Incorporate Artwork And Indoor Plants

    When house staging, creating a vibrant space with natural light and colour is essential. To achieve these elements in home staging, strategically place plants and artwork around the home. These components will undoubtedly appeal to buyers.

    Maximize open spaces, natural light, and natural elements. A vase of fresh flowers will also appeal to buyers.

    5. Ensure a Good Flow Of Traffic

    Buyers prefer space that flows from one into the other with ease. It is, therefore, a good idea when home staging to reposition furniture to create more light and space, allowing for free flow from one room into another.

    6. Renovate, Repair And Repaint

    Before the seller adds the property on the market, they should repair and repaint areas that require maintenance. They should also ensure that everything is in correct working order like the pipes and bathrooms or fireplaces are clean and free of dirt and debris.

    Several buyers are looking for a home they can move into without the hassle and additional renovation or repair costs.

    7. Clean The Home

    A sparkling clean home is refreshing and appealing to buyers. When staging a home, pay close attention to the kitchen and bathrooms.

    A helpful hint is to add fresh potpourri or scented candles throughout the home. The homely scents appeal to the senses and give the appearance of coziness and comfort.


    Staging a home for sale is an essential step in the home selling process that goes a long way to showcase the property’s full potential, highlighting the home’s best features, speeding up the selling process, and increasing the sale price.

    It’s a small investment that can make a big difference in selling any home. If you’re planning to add your home to the market, it’s worth considering hiring a professional stager to help get the best results.


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