Why You Need an Experienced DUI Attorney

    An Atlanta DUI attorney can help you work out a plea deal or, if necessary, take your case to trial. A DUI conviction can remain on your record permanently and will result in jail time or community service.

    An experienced DUI attorney can challenge the legality of a police roadblock that led to your arrest. A lawyer can also dissect an officer’s methods of conducting field sobriety tests.


    A DUI conviction can have long-lasting consequences, from losing your driver’s license to having a criminal record. A top Atlanta DUI lawyer has the experience to defend you against the charge and help you avoid these severe penalties.

    Georgia DUI laws are strict and punish impaired drivers harshly. Even a first-time offender can face jail time and substantial fines. Moreover, your insurance rates will likely increase. You could also lose your job if you are required to travel for work.

    If you miss a court date your case will enter Failure to Appear status, which can result in a license suspension. A DUI lawyer can attend the ALS hearing and fight to protect your driving privileges. They may be able to get your case dismissed or reduce the charges to a lesser offense, such as underage possession of alcohol (MIP). They can also assess a plea offer from the prosecutor to determine whether it is worth accepting.

    Knowledge of the Courts

    Most people arrested for DUI in Atlanta do not know how to select a good attorney. They may ask a friend or trusted colleague for a referral or they may discreetly search online. This effort reveals a jungle of moving high-definition images and dizzying pop-up boxes. In this rush the accused person may unintentionally make incriminating statements that could be used by the prosecutor.

    A top Atlanta DUI attorney understands the complex procedures and rules of court that govern drunk driving cases in Georgia. He will be able to help you navigate this process and protect your rights.

    For example, a DUI conviction can lead to a lengthy period of probation. This can be very burdensome with its monthly supervision fees and requirements for community service and drug and alcohol classes. A DUI lawyer will be able to defend you in a probation revocation hearing. In addition, he will be able to help you with a license suspension appeal with the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

    Defending a DUI Case

    A DUI case requires an experienced criminal attorney with knowledge of the law, science and how police perform their duties. Defending a DUI involves more than just knowing the ins and outs of Georgia DUI laws – it also requires a lawyer who knows how to challenge the evidence presented against you by the government.

    For instance, a DUI attorney who understands how to properly challenge roadside field sobriety tests can dissect the officer’s methods and uncover any errors that could lead to inaccurate results. A qualified Atlanta DUI lawyer can also determine if the blood alcohol content (BAC) breathalyzer test used during your arrest was properly calibrated and maintained.

    An Atlanta DUI lawyer who is familiar with the court venue where your case will be heard will know the judges, prosecutors and other attorneys involved and can use this knowledge to help you achieve a favorable outcome. This knowledge can be especially beneficial in a DUI case that involves an administrative license suspension hearing, where you only have a limited amount of time to request a hearing to keep your driving privileges.

    Taking a Case to Trial

    A DUI charge is one of the few criminal cases where an experienced Atlanta DUI attorney can make a huge difference. In most cases, an arrest starts when a driver is pulled over by a police officer and requested to take field sobriety tests or a breath or blood test. In some cases, a person will refuse to take the test and this could have serious consequences as it can be used against them in court.

    An Atlanta DUI attorney can argue that the officer didn’t have a valid reason to pull you over and violated your rights. In addition, a lawyer can challenge the accuracy of the test by showing that it wasn’t properly administered.

    An Atlanta DUI lawyer can also help you contest your driver’s license suspension by requesting an ALS hearing. This is important because your license will be automatically suspended 30 days after your arrest. The best DUI attorneys know how to fight this suspension and will defend you against it.

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