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    Robbery is when a person takes property of another with intent to commit theft. It can be carried out in three ways: through use of force, by intimidation or threat, and by sudden snatching.

    Athens, GA Armed Robbery Defense Lawyer has extensive experience in criminal law, personal injury, business, contract litigation and probate law in the Athens area and across Northeast Georgia. He has worked as a prosecutor and is familiar with how cases are investigated and prosecuted.


    When facing any type of theft crime, including shoplifting GA, burglary in Georgia, grand theft GA, identity theft GA, credit card fraud GA, check fraud GA or other types of larceny crimes, the experienced criminal defense lawyer that you hire can make all the difference. A top-rated Atlanta theft attorney can fight to ensure that the penalties associated with these types of charges are minimized or dismissed.

    A man armed with a gun has robbed an auto parts store in Athens GA. Police say he approached an employee and displayed a handgun, demanding money from the cash register.

    The extensive experience as a former Assistant District Attorney and Solicitor General in Athens-Clarke County, where he was responsible for deciding which cases to prosecute and which to decline. This experience gives him a valuable understanding of how law enforcement investigates these types of crimes and the defense strategies that may be effective in your case.


    In order to get bonded out of jail after being arrested on a crime, the defendant or his or her family usually has to post money or property as “collateral.” This is to ensure that the defendant will show up for all of his or her court appearances. The amount of the bond is determined by a Judge after an initial hearing.

    Violent crimes are some of the most serious offenses in Georgia, and they carry hefty penalties and punishments. Defending people charged with these types of crimes requires an attorney who is both knowledgeable and aggressive in defense of his or her clients.

    A former Assistant District Attorney and Solicitor General for Athens-Clarke County. This unique experience puts him in a position to understand how the other side of the law works, and it helps him to develop the best possible defense strategies for his clients. He regularly travels to county courts in North Georgia to represent people accused of armed robbery and other violent crimes.

    Representation at Trial

    Robbery is the taking of a person’s property with force or intimidation. It is a felony offense that can lead to imprisonment for many years if you are convicted.

    Armed robbery is more serious than simple robbery because it involves the use of an offensive weapon or any replica, article, or device that has the appearance of such a weapon. A conviction of this crime can lead to a prison sentence of up to twenty years.

    A former Assistant District Attorney and Solicitor General for Athens-Clarke County, where he tried cases against some of the most dangerous criminals in the area. He also served in the gang unit and worked with local, state, and federal law enforcement to break up criminal gangs involved in murder, kidnapping, and other violent crimes.

    Criminal Record

    A Georgia robbery lawyer with experience can help you defend against a charge of this violent crime. Under Georgia law, a person commits a robbery when they take property from another without permission or the victim’s consent and does so using force or fear of serious bodily injury or death to them or someone else. The amount of property taken and whether a weapon was used can impact the severity of the offense.

    A felony conviction for robbery can carry a prison term of up to 20 years. The minimum prison term increases if the victim was over the age of 65 or if any injuries or deaths occurred during the commission of the crime.

    Defense attorneys representing accused Athens cop-killer Jamie Hood have asked Western Judicial Circuit Chief Judge Lawton Stephens to voluntarily step aside from presiding over his death penalty case. They claim that Stephens cannot be impartial because he knows the officer Hood shot and wounded and attended his funeral.

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