What are the Important Things to Include in a Wedding Photography Checklist?


    As a professional photographer, I created this blog to share my passion for weddings and storytelling. Weddings are unique stories, and I wanted to empower couples with a comprehensive photography checklist to ensure every precious moment is captured and preserved. This blog is a labour of love, aiming to make the journey from engagement to “I do” as memorable and stress-free as possible, celebrating the magic of love through the lens of photography.

    In this blog:

    • Pre-Ceremony Shots
    • Ceremony Shots
    • Post-Ceremony Shots
    • Special Moments
    • Candid Moments
    • Additional Shots
    • Closing Shots

    Pre-Ceremony Shots:

    Bridal Preparation:

    • Every bride’s transformation deserves its spotlight – from hair and makeup to slipping into that dreamy dress.
    • Candid shots with the ride-or-die crew: bridesmaids and family.
    • Zoom in on the little details – the lace on the dress, the sparkle in the eyes.

    Groom’s Preparation:

    • The groom’s journey to dapper-dom – tying ties and suiting up.
    • Candid shots with the squad: groomsmen and family.
    • Details, darling: the tie, cufflinks, and the perfect boutonniere.

    First Look:

    • The magical moment when eyes meet for the first time.
    • Candid shots capture the raw, unfiltered reactions and those warm embraces.

    Ceremony Shots:

    Venue Details:

    • Take a moment to marvel at the ceremony venue – both the outside and inside magic.
    • Zoom in on the décor, the flowers, and any signs that add charm.

    Guest Arrivals:

    • Freeze-frame the excitement as guests trickle in.
    • Get those close-ups of VIPs – because everyone is a VIP at your wedding!

    Ceremony Highlights:

    • The vows, the rings, the first kiss – the holy trinity.
    • Candid shots of the couple and the audience, because every tear and smile tells a story.

    Group Shots:

    • The classic family portraits – gather the troops!
    • Line up the squad for pics that will transport you back to the day.

    Post-Ceremony Shots:

    Reception Venue:

    • Capture the elegance of the reception area before the whirlwind begins.
    • Details, my darlings – the table settings, the centrepieces, and those cute favours.

    Cocktail Hour:

    • Candid shots of the mingling and clinking of glasses.
    • Catch the couple stealing moments with guests – it’s a beautiful thing.

    Toasts and Speeches:

    • The heartwarming toasts – freeze those moments.
    • Candid reactions from the couple and guests – because sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Special Moments:

    Cake Cutting:

    • Up close and personal as the couple dives into the cake.
    • Candid shots of the cake-feeding moment – always a crowd-pleaser.

    First Dance:

    • Transport your readers to the dance floor with shots of the couple’s first dance.
    • Capture the magic and those candid moments of pure, unadulterated joy.

    Bouquet and Garter Toss:

    • Frame the excitement of the bouquet and garter toss.
    • Are those catching the bouquet or garter? Their expressions are priceless.

    Candid Moments:

    Candid photography captures the essence of life in its purest form. Photographers use various styles to capture unscripted moments, such as blending into the background or engaging with subjects to create rapport. Popular styles include street photography, which captures candid moments in public spaces, and documentary photography, which tells a story through a series of candid images. The goal of candid photography is to capture the unfiltered beauty and emotion of everyday life.

    Dancing and Celebrations:

    • Let loose and capture the energy of the dance floor.
    • Candid shots of guests dancing and celebrating are the ones you’ll look back on with a grin.

    Late-Night Moments:

    • Document the couple and guests enjoying the late-night festivities.
    • Candid moments of joy and laughter are the perfect closing shots for your wedding day album.

    Additional Shots:

    Sunset Shots:

    • Take advantage of the golden hour for romantic portraits.
    • Let the setting sun cast a warm glow on the couple against a stunning backdrop.

    Venue Exterior:

    • Experiment with night shots of the venue exterior for a unique perspective.

    Closing Shots:

    Last Dance:

    • Capture the final dance of the evening – it’s a moment you won’t want to forget.
    • Candid shots of the couple bidding farewell to guests wrap up the day beautifully.

    Exit Shots:

    • Freeze-frame the couple’s exit with sparklers, bubbles, or confetti.
    • Candid shots of the couple’s departure add the perfect final touch to your wedding story.


    Capture every moment from engagement to ‘I do’ with our wedding photography checklist. From preparation to farewells, we’ve got you covered. Our focus is on special and candid moments, adding romance and drama with sunset portraits and night captures. The checklist ensures a stress-free experience, creating timeless keepsakes of your unique love story.

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