Criminal Matters in Atlanta

    A conviction for a crime can affect your ability to get into college or obtain future employment. For this reason, it is important to retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer for criminal matters in Atlanta.

    Volkan Topalli does ethnographic crime research — he goes into the streets, talks to people committing crimes and finds out why they do it. He says despair drives the decisions of desperate people.

    Drug Crimes

    Atlanta is home to several major colleges that attract a large youth population. Unfortunately, many young students are arrested for drug offenses. A conviction for drug crimes can have a serious impact on your personal life, employment prospects, and academic career.

    The laws in Georgia prohibit the manufacture, sale, possession, or trafficking of controlled substances. Controlled substances are classified into five schedules based on their potential for abuse and whether or not they have accepted medical usage.

    The possession of a small amount of marijuana is considered a misdemeanor, but possessing cocaine or methamphetamine with intent to distribute can result in felony charges. An experienced Atlanta drug crime attorney can challenge the evidence in your case to help you avoid a conviction. A skilled lawyer can also discuss the possibility of seeking resolution through an accountability court if you are a first-time offender.


    Atlanta is a major hub for trafficking of children and women. It is also one of the country’s most difficult crimes to battle because of its migratory nature and its hidden network.

    The Junior League of Atlanta focuses on commercial sexual exploitation/human trafficking (CSE/HT) as the second concentration in its issue-based community impact model. The JLA recently founded the Institute on Healthcare and Human Trafficking as part of the Stephanie V. Blank Center for Safe and Healthy Children to raise awareness and improve the ability of health professionals to recognize potential victims.

    A recent study found that dozens of underage girls are bought and sold for sex on a nightly basis across the state. The Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit and Gang Prosecution Unit are working to combat this deplorable crime by rescuing victims and prosecuting perpetrators.


    Georgia treats theft offenses like shoplifting very seriously. In fact, a conviction can lead to harsh criminal penalties, fines, and may even limit your employment opportunities in the future. Our Atlanta criminal defense team is prepared to apply our deep legal knowledge and fearless approach to defend your rights against a shoplifting charge.

    If you are accused of shoplifting, it is crucial that you speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A skilled attorney can help you develop a strong defense and avoid jail time, fines, and a criminal record that will follow you throughout your life. Georgia prohibits shoplifting when an individual performs certain actions with the intent to permanently take property without paying for it or depriving the owner of possession by concealing or taking merchandise, altering or changing price tags or labels, or transferring items from one container to another.


    An Atlanta criminal defense lawyer can help you if you have been arrested on charges of a serious crime. Convictions of any type of criminal charge can cause serious repercussions including jail time, fines and a permanent record that will damage your reputation for years to come.

    A rape conviction requires proof that the defendant forcibly penetrated the female sex organ with his male sex organ. It is not necessary that ejaculation be present.

    A criminal prosecution is a complicated process that involves the police, prosecutors and courts. An experienced criminal attorney is able to better explain your legal options, guide you through the system and represent you at trial. They are also able to help defend you against bogus allegations. They can investigate your case, review any evidence and argue for your rights at every step of the process.

    Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence cases can involve more than physical assault. They can also include sexual assault, stalking, unlawful restraint and criminal trespass, as well as other felonies. Georgia defines family violence as any felony or misdemeanor battery, attack, stalking, unwanted touching, damage to property, criminal trespass or other offense committed between past or present spouses, parents and children of the same child, foster parents and their foster children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and other relatives who live in the same household.

    A conviction for a family violence offense can affect every aspect of a person’s life, even long after their sentence is served. That is why it is critical to have the best Atlanta criminal defense attorney you can find to fight your case.

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