An Expert Guide to Growing Space Queen Cannabis

    Welcome to an expert guide on growing Space Queen cannabis, a legendary hybrid strain that offers a trippy and speedy buzz. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the origins of Space Queen, its effects, medicinal benefits, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to successfully cultivate this strain. 

    Whether you’re a seasoned grower or a beginner, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to produce high-quality Space Queen cannabis. As an important note, if you are buying cannabis seeds online, always ensure you opt for a reliable seller with lots of good reviews that offer discrete packaging delivery services.

    Origins of Space Queen Cannabis

    Space Queen cannabis is a hybrid strain developed by Vic High of BC Growers Association. It is a cross between Romulan and Cinderella 99, resulting in a plant with exceptional strength and a fruity fragrance. The most sought-after phenotype of Space Queen is a resinous and high-yielding plant that emits an enticing aroma of apples, vanilla, and cherries. When properly cured, it boasts a delicious cherry taste.

    Effects of Space Queen Cannabis

    When consumed, Space Queen cannabis delivers an intense and trippy buzz that combines the best aspects of powerful sativas. Its effects are initially felt as a cerebral high, uplifting the spirits and inducing a sense of floating to the sky. This strain sparks creativity and enhances mood, making it ideal for social gatherings and creative pursuits. As the effects continue, a balance of mind-body high emerges, providing a euphoric and sociable experience.

    Fragrance and Flavor

    Space Queen has a distinct and enticing fragrance. Some describe it as having a slightly sweet and sour dairy smell, but it is predominantly fruity with notes of pineapple and citrus. When smoked or converted into an edible form, Space Queen offers a unique flavor profile. It combines spicy, sweet, and fruity notes, with hints of herbal and citrus undertones. Despite its complex taste, Space Queen is widely regarded as one of the best-tasting strains in the world of medical cannabis.

    Medicinal Benefits of Space Queen Cannabis

    Space Queen cannabis is not only cherished for its recreational effects but also valued for its medicinal properties. It is commonly recommended for managing stress, anxiety, mild cases of depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Additionally, Space Queen can help alleviate mild pain, headaches, and fatigue. Some users also report an increase in appetite after consuming this strain.

    Growing Space Queen Cannabis

    Indoor Cultivation

    Growing Space Queen cannabis indoors offers greater control over environmental factors, resulting in optimal growth conditions. The flowering period indoors ranges from 50 to 60 days, making it a relatively quick-growing strain. To achieve the best results, maintain a pH level of 5.8 to 6.0 in the reservoir. Space Queen plants tend to grow tall, so providing sufficient canopy support is essential. With proper care, indoor cultivation can yield moderate to high amounts of Space Queen cannabis.

    Outdoor Cultivation

    Space Queen also thrives when grown outdoors, particularly in warm and slightly arid environments. It is important to provide the plants with ample sunlight and a rich carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration. Outdoor flowering of Space Queen typically occurs in October. With the right conditions, outdoor cultivation can yield moderate to high amounts of this prized strain.

    Harvesting Space Queen Cannabis

    The optimal time to harvest Space Queen cannabis is when the trichomes have turned milky white, indicating peak potency. The exact timing can vary depending on phenotype and growing conditions. It is recommended to closely monitor trichome development using a magnifying tool. 

    Once ready, carefully trim the buds and hang them in a dark, well-ventilated area to dry. After drying, the buds can be cured to enhance flavor and potency.

    Potential Adverse Reactions

    While Space Queen cannabis offers numerous benefits, it is important to be aware of potential adverse reactions. Some users may experience dry mouth and dry eyes, which can be alleviated by staying hydrated. Novice users may also feel dizzy or paranoid, especially if they consume too much. Headaches are rare but can occur in sensitive individuals. To minimize adverse reactions, it is advised to consume Space Queen cannabis in moderation.

    Breeding Space Queen Seeds

    If you’re interested in breeding Space Queen seeds, it is essential to understand the lineage of this strain. Space Queen is a result of crossing Romulan and Cinderella 99. By cultivating a mixture of these parent strains, you can potentially create your own Space Queen seeds. However, breeding cannabis seeds requires knowledge and expertise, so it is recommended for experienced growers.


    Growing Space Queen cannabis can be a rewarding experience for both recreational and medicinal users. This legendary hybrid offers a unique combination of effects, with its trippy and uplifting buzz. By following the cultivation techniques outlined in this guide, you can cultivate high-quality Space Queen cannabis that embodies its fruity fragrance and exceptional potency. Remember to consume responsibly and enjoy the journey of growing your own Space Queen cannabis.

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